International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW) is an international scientific organization of the discipline. Its goal is to boost research, education and the general development of the discipline around the world. ICNW is responsible for the continuous development of the Modern Nordic Walking concept and its teaching. Read more about ICNW...

World Modern Nordic Walking Academy, based in Finland, is the professional organization for all Nordic Walking Trainers, Master Trainers, Coaches and International Coaches in the world. Its members teach Modern Nordic Walking following the principles, objectives and guidelines presented in the official Statements and in the educational materials of the ICNW.

National, regional and local Modern Nordic Walking Academies

The members of the World Modern Nordic Walking Academy have, on request, the right of founding national, regional and local academies in their own countries - several of them have benefited from this possibility. There are national and regional Modern Nordic Walking Academies for example in Finland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Catalonia and in the USA. In addition, there are dozens of local Academies in various countries.