The International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW) is responsible for the international educational courses of Modern Nordic Walking, in collaboration with the World Modern Nordic Walking Academy, the international professional organization for instructors, teachers and coaches of this discipline.

ICNW and the World Modern Nordic Walking Academy are in close cooperation with each other and are active, with the assistance of their committees and international expert groups, Scientific Advisory Boards and Educational Advisory Boards, to continuously development their educational materials and activities. Particular attention is paid to applying as quickly as possible the latest scientific research results relevant to the discipline to Modern Nordic Walking education and teaching.

The educational approach of the Modern Nordic Walking courses makes use of the latest discoveries and the results of studies on the myofascial system of the human body including the activation of the spiral muscle chains during movement.

ICNW and the World MNW Academy have an extensive international educational program in several languages, divided into various levels to ensure professional teaching of Modern Nordic Walking (MNW) in various parts of the world. There are courses for sports and healthcare professionals to become Modern Nordic Walking Trainer, Master Trainer, Coach and International Coach - and refresher and specialization courses. In addition, international and national conventions, meetings and seminars, also via the web, are organised.


The international educational courses of ICNW/World MNW Academy are organized in English all over the world by the two International Coaches of Modern Nordic Walking Tiina Arrankoski and Tuomo Kettunen (FIN). They give courses also in Finnish and in Italian.

Arrankoski has a master's degree in Sports and Health Sciences, Kettunen is a Teacher of PE, and they both have worked as trainers/coaches of various disciplines and methods for several decades. They have more than 15 years of experience in teaching Nordic Walking and have trained instructors, teachers and coaches for more than 30 countries over the past 10 years using the concept of Modern Nordic Walking.

Tiina Arrankoski and Tuomo Kettunen (FIN), International Coaches of Modern Nordic Walking, are responsible for organizing the international educational courses of ICNW / World Modern Nordic Walking Academy. They have also written the book ”Modern Nordic Walking”.

National Modern Nordic Walking Coaches

National educational courses of Modern Nordic Walking are given by the national MNW Coaches in various countries in local languages, like in Slovak, in Finnish, in Spanish, in Catalan and in Italian.

The principle is, that at least one of the International Coaches, Tiina Arrankoski or Tuomo Kettunen, participate to the organization of the national courses by giving lectures on the spot or via web during each course.

Lucia Okolicanyova is the Modern Nordic Walking National Coach for Slovakia and for the Czech Republic. She is the Chairwoman of the Slovak NW Association and the Director of the Slovakia Modern Nordic Walking Academy and the Czech Modern Nordic Walking Academy.

Jordi Pau Caballero, MNW Coach in Puigcerdà, Spain, is the Director of the Spanish and the Catalonian Modern Nordic Walking Academies.

Michela Colagiovanni, Modern Nordic Walking Coach in Trevi, Italy, is the Director of the Modern Nordic Walking Academy Italia.

Silvia Talana, Modern Nordic Walking Coach in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.