Modern Nordic Walking is a form of physical activity with a scientific basis and well-defined principles.

International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW), a scientific organization of the discipline, has published on the 7th of January 2019 an important Statement: "Pole Walking, Nordic Walking, Modern Nordic Walking: definitions, brief history and developmet".

The Section 3 of the Statement presents the definition of Modern Nordic Walking. Read it here ››

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Some features of Modern Nordic Walking

"The concept of Modern Nordic Walking is based on the correct posture and optimal control of the body, on the correct walking technique and on the correct technique of using poles."

"The use of poles must not change the natural way of moving of the body, nor disturb the movement of normal walking, its coordination or its rhythm."

"Modern Nordic Walking, when viewed from a distance, does not differ in terms of movement and posture from normal walking without poles."

"The trajectory and the range of movement of the arms while Modern Nordic Walking are the same as when walking naturally without poles at the same speed."