Modern Nordic Walking

The updated, modern version of Nordic Walking!



The Modern Nordic Walking concept will be officially launched in the USA during the year 2024!

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International Modern Nordic Walking Meeting 2023 was organized in Todi (PG), Italy.

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What is Modern Nordic Walking? A new, different, lively presentation video, in different languages.

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An international video: "Greetings to the community of Modern Nordic Walking!"

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The 20th Anniversary Celebration Event of Nordic Walking was held in Finland - naturally!

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Modern Nordic Walking is a form of physical activity with a scientific basis and well-defined principles.

International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW), a scientific organization of the discipline, has published on the 7th of January 2019 an important Statement: "Pole Walking, Nordic Walking, Modern Nordic Walking: definitions, brief history and developmet".

The Section 3 of the Statement presents the definition of Modern Nordic Walking.


International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW), an international scientific organization of the discipline, is responsible for the educational courses of Modern Nordic Walking, in collaboration with the World Modern Nordic Walking Academy. These two organizations are in close cooperation with each other to continuously development their educational materials and activities.

They have an extensive international educational program in several languages, divided into various levels to ensure professional teaching of Modern Nordic Walking (MNW) invarious parts of the world. There are courses to become Modern Nordic Walking Trainer, Master Trainer, Coach and International Coach - and refresher and specialization courses, international and national conventions, meetings and seminars.

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International Council of Nordic Walking (ICNW) is an international scientific organization of the discipline. Its goal is to boost research, education and the general development of the discipline around the world. ICNW is responsible for the continuous development of the Modern Nordic Walking concept and its teaching.

World Modern Nordic Walking Academy is the professional organization for all Nordic Walking Trainers, Master Trainers, Coaches and International Coaches in the world. Its members teach Modern Nordic Walking following the principles, objectives and guidelines presented in the official Statements and in the educational materials of the ICNW.

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